an affordable alternative to Progress Software Corporation education courses

RATES - 50% Less than Progress Software Corporation Training!

Training and Technology Associates offers quality Progress training for 50% less than education courses offered by Progress Software Corporation.   The instructor's rate for onsite training is US $1300 per day for up to six students for an average per student cost of US $225/day.   Add US $250 per day for each additional student with a maximum class size of 10.

Compare this with Progress Software Corporation courses offered at approximately US $450/day for each student, plus your travel expenses.

If you have only one or two employees to train, send them to our office in Barbados for individualized training.   Five days of training and seven nights of accommodations costs only US $2500 for the first person and $1500 for the second person.   You just can't beat this package or the one-on-one attention that will speed your learning curve!


Dr. Amy L. Beam has been developing applications and training programmer/analysts in Progress since 1983 (Progress version 2.0).    Beam, one of the original founders of the Progress Users Group in Washington DC (PUMA), holds a doctorate in education from Syracuse University.   Prior to changing careers to software development and training she was an English teacher and school administrator.   As a public school teacher she was named to Who's Who in Secondary Education for her leadership in promoting individualized instruction through inservice teacher training.   Her greatest skill is at bridging the gap between technical specialists and non-technical professionals.   Whether you need to upgrade skills of experienced Progress programmers or deliver introductory training to entry level staff, Beam tailors her instruction to each student's abilities and needs and speaks in plain English.


  • Pepsi International Bottling
  • Principal Financial Group
  • GTR Data Inc.
  • Air Compak International
  • Corpdata Inc.
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • United States Army
  • U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  • Virginia Department of Mental Health
  • Fayetteville Arkansas Hospital
  • Ameritech Corporation


Are you confused by the 20+ courses offered by Progress Software Corporation that add up to over 50 days and US $30,000 for one person?

Let us eliminate the confusion for you.   We will customize a curriculum to suit your employees' skill levels, business needs, time constraints, and budget.   Together we will plan the course content from a detailed outline.   Our course content covers all topics offered by Progress Software Corporation courses for 4GL, SmartObjects, Dynamic Progress, and Database Administration curriculum strands.   Some basic system administration is also included.   The duration of the training can be further adjusted based on the amount of hands-on lab time that is desired.   Proprietary course workbooks with lessons, all code examples and lab exercises are included.   Students receive certificates of completion.

Our clients' needs are generally met by a customized combination of the three courses described below.   The content descriptions are general and are not meant to be complete nor inflexible.   For a more comprehensive skills list go to our outline:

Introduction to the Progress 4GL Language

This is for programmers who are not familiar with the Progress 4GL programming language.   Learn the commands to create, edit, delete, find, display, and manipulate records and data.   Learn how to create the data dictionary and perform data validation.   Learn the rules of the language for greater efficiency, including record selection, indexing, record scoping, and transaction scoping, and issues of data integrity and record-locking.   This course teaches the event-driven programming model using dynamic queries, triggers, internal procedures, and persistent procedures.

Event-driven and GUI Programming

This transition course requires that students already know the Progress 4GL language.   If you need to migrate your Progress Software application from version 6 or earlier, this course will explain the changes in the language to experienced Progress programmers.   This course is a subset of the Introduction course, covering those aspects that are new to the language in versions 7-9.   It will clarify rules of the language which one must master to fine-tune your application and increase processing speed.   It introduces the event-driven programming model which replaced the procedural programming model (nested blocks of code).   Note that while your application may be running on a Progress Software version 7,8, or 9 platform, it may still be written in a Progress Software version 6 procedural programming model and not be utilizing the power of event-driven programming or multiple indexes to resolve queries.   Students will learn how to separate the business logic code from the user interface (UI) code.   This is essential to master if you plan to develop an Internet application.

V9 SmartObject Application Development

This course teaches you how to create applications with great speed using the point and click method.   Learn to use Progress' AppBuilder to create modules of reusable code, referred to as "SmartObjects", then link them together to build your application.   The Progress AppBuilder actually generates the Progress code for you, thus it is not absolutely essential that you know how to program with the Progress 4GL language before learning how to create an application with SmartObjects.   However, most applications require some customization, and that is when you will need to know the Progress 4GL language so that you can edit or add to the code that is automatically generated.   We recommend that you learn the Progress 4GL language prior to learning Progress SmartObject programming.

WebSpeed Training or Consulting

Beam has developed a search engine using WebSpeed and can consult with you on your own development project or present a formal training class.   Web programming introduces the concept of "statelessness". This means every time someone sends a search request or data entry screen to your server, the server receives the information, sends information back to your screen (the client), then disconnects from your computer. The next time you send a request, such as to page to the "next" screen, the server must identify who you are all over again and figure out what the "next" screen of information should be without having to repeat the original search. This stateless concept introduces entirely new programming concepts and structures. The business logic code must be separated from the screen display (user interface code). The server must keep track of your original query as you page through the results list. This course teaches those new concepts, plus what you will need to know about integrating WebSpeed code with HTML and JavaScript. You'll also learn the WebSpeed commands and syntax that are specific to Internet programming.  


If you have more than 2 people who need training, it will be cost effective to have the training at your location.   You supply one computer per student along with an overhead projection system for the instructor's computer.   You will receive code examples in advance to load on each student's computer.


Dr. Amy L. Beam
(240) 696-1905 in US
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